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General Auto Maintenance Tips

Maintenance Tips
A well maintained vehicle speaks volumes about you as an owner. More importantly, it will not desert you when you need it most. Read on for tips on specifics.

Engine Oil: To prevent engine deterioration, it is imperative that the engine maintains the amount of oil it is programmed to receive. Negligence in this aspect will lead to a deteriorating engine performance, resulting in falling mileage.

Fuses: Most Indian cars are made with an integrated circuitry system that use fuses. Knowledge of the system would help when you are stranded due to a blown fuse.

Lights: It is important for the lights to be properly focused, for your own and for the oncoming vehicle's safety. Travel on low beam so that it does not obstruct your view instead of helping you along.

Tyre Pressure: The required amount of air pressure needs to be strictly maintained if your car is to get the right mileage and pick-up.

Water: If your engine uses water for cooling, take care to ensure that it is regularly changed. Water can also be used for cleaning the windshield.

Some other tips:
Get your vehicle serviced only at authorized service stations
Check the engine oil level once every two weeks. Also check the levels of coolant and water in the radiator and battery.
Always use genuine spare parts.
Give your vehicle anti-rust coating before the monsoons.
Avoid accelerating and braking abruptly.
Shut up the engine whenever you expect to wait.
Drive at a moderate speed of 45-55 km/h to maximize fuel efficiency.
Use air-conditioning only when necessary.
Avoid riding on the clutch pedal, and release the clutch pedal fully while driving.
Maintain optimum air pressure in your tyre to improve mileage.

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